Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Kadalai Kumaran to Kalyana Kumaran!!!

This time its Kumaran... I met him for a long time, after a long time I should say. The thing is that I happened to bump into this guy every now and then at office but everytime, I was preoccupied with with something or the other. Today when he called me, I made it a point that I will meet him. Had I not met today, he would have definitely murdered me. This guy Kumaran is one of the good friends I had in college. Thanks to Ash for introducing this great personality to me!

This guy is pretty famous in the LH for whatsoever reasons and known for his acquiantances with gals. Th entire college knows him by the name 'Kadalai Kumaran'. (I am sorry kums I had to say it here lest people will not recognise u ;) )He was the most frivolous guy as I observed him in college. Fun loving and absolutely not ambitious. One fine day he calls me in the middle of the night and says, "Write me a testi on orkut" and when i asked why, he says "Just write it." (And BTW, Mr.Kums, u r supposed to write me one in return for the favour. Mind it!!)

Our man has his own complaints that I am of no use to him.
Reasons being,
1. I am a good friend of his and hence he cant flirt with me.
2. I hardly have gal friends and hence he does not get any introductions through me.
3. When I want something to be done I play around with my contacts and get things done.

and his complaint list goes on and on. His net remark is that "Athia is of no use."

Fine. Jokes apart, Kums, as we call him with a lot of affection, is entirely a different person today. There is some kind of seriousness instilled in his head from somewhere. He says he s a good boy and does not drink much. He does not go to parties and prefers to stay at home. Home baby!!!

And I figured out the reason to be "Someone" and not something. Yes folks, Kums is serious about someone and she happens to be from his community and native. This might c0me as a shock to us that Kums is planning to get married next year. Maximum he would postpone is another year!!!!! At the tender age of 23!!! And the best thing is that he s preparing for it!!

Wish you great luck Mr. Kumaran!!!!

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nemesis said...

Hey everyone reading this!! She's all out to spoil my image!! he he... anyways "Nothing is permanent in life, but change".... and so times change, ppl change.... that is so much the way life is....