Saturday, June 27, 2009


Someone who made Thomas Friedman write how flat the world is! Someone who is a true visionary and built Infosys with his ideas! Someone who penetrated national boundaries to build business with his network! Someone who is a role model to the youth of India! Someone who will cite figures and facts from mind without referring to sheets of pages! An extra-ordinary individual!

Yes, we are talking about our very own Nandan!

Nandan Nilekani, the Co-Chairman and the Co-founder of one of India's prestigious IT Giants has been offered with the position of the Chairperson of Unique Identification Authority of India! He was bestowed with this honor by the Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh.

On one hand, where the image of the IT Corporates Shattered due to the Satyam Scandal, this gesture on the other hand, which emancipated Nandan to the Rank of a Cabinet Minister has definitely reassured the fact, that the faith in the very same Corporates has not failed! Though, there are disappointments in the past in the way Corporate Governance works (thanks to Ramalinga Raju’s cooked up balance Sheets and fake employee database), there are leaders in the very same Industry who have lived up to the ideals and are looked up to with trust!

Some are born great; Some acheive greatness; Some have greatness thrust upon them!


Imagine me said...

One veteran infoscion showering encomiums on the co-founder. Nice tribute which he deserved.

thenewbnb said...

not only that, hopefully by putting their best foot forward by getting unique identification... we may soon have fully digitized government records, and transparent procedures. which means, better public trust in nationwide administration :)