Sunday, June 07, 2009


Something I heard and saw.. provoked me to scribble this here!
Relationships - this is the most simple yet most complicated word I have learnt. Simple - because it is there everywhere. Complicated - because it is the most difficult thing to fathom. May be this post will sound paranoid. But actually, it aint! This is the outcome of many observations compiled together. May be a warning to those who have not gotten into this bottomless chasm which sucks you in!

It is interesting to watch people fall into this trap. Actually, when you think of it, it is like addiction - smoke, dope.. Initially its temptation, its fun. Slowly it sucks you in - like a black hole. It saps you out of your energy, loss of energy, effort, money, time and what not! In the it leaves you exhausted. You are sick, tired, upset, dejected, depressed. It takes ages for you to recover. And then another enters your life and the viscious cycle continues..


simz_aolly said...

a pessimistic way to look at relationships in life! jus coz da young gen f today do not knw how to handle a r/s, u cant ignore a zillion successful ones.

A r/s needs tolerance n compassion towards others which seems to be missin in ths gen ppl coz f da kinda stressful lives they lead n degradin moral values. If ya can be patient n understandn, do wat it needs to keep up a good r/s and have practically realistic desires, i can bet r/s aren that bad a trouble to have in life!!! :)

Imagine me said...

Every relationship has its pluses n minuses. I guess u hav stressed more on the negative side here. However the plus side keeps u happy n wud hav given u lots of wonderful memories to cherish. I guess balancing them both is the trick that one has to learn to keep things intact.

preeti said...

I know...but the alternative to that is loneliness..and no one likes being alone either!!!

Kavitha S said...
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