Thursday, July 09, 2009

Adieu Nandan!

Today is a day marked in History! Nandan's last working day at Infosys! One of the strongest pillars which laid the foundation of the solid establishment of Infosys will not longer belong to it! It was a very difficult decision for him to leave Infy. And to all of us to let go of him.

Today, he was given a farewell, which all of the Hundred Thousand plus employees witnessed. The entire Board and the Founders were there to propose a toast to him, bidding him Adieu. It was a hard fact, for all of us, to digest. Needless to say, for me too!

Three years ago, when I joined Infy, I so excited to be a part of workforce which had such a Board in place! Nandan was one of my biggest inspirations, a role model, and a great visionary who we all look upto!

This is one of the pictures I had taken along with the Board when I was a trainee; in the sprawling Mysore Campus. It was the 25th year Infosys celebrated. Infy went public and the remote ringing of the bell for the listing at NASDAQ happened at Mysore. The media people were thronging to capture the best shot of the proceedings. The campus witness all the empowered and proud Infoscians, singing the Infy song. The Infy quotient was running high everywhere. I was highly elated to witness such a thing happen in front of my eyes!
That was when I saw the entire board together in person. That was when the realized the empowered Infoscian in me. I met Nandan for the first time. I stood besides him and took a picture. It was like a dream!


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iam a follower of your blog.. good writing, dont stop it as you did earlier.. wondering how you could articulate... and please delete this comment after reading..

good read.. expressing things what you think and nothing else..nice blogging..

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