Saturday, March 10, 2007

This is something interesting!

I read a couple of days ago in the paper, Naomi Campbell, the super model, will wear gloves and hold broom and mop instead of posing for pictures. she wud be cleaning some public place for a week.

This was done as a punishment for throwing her mobile and assaulting her maid. This act of hers is taken as an insult on a sanitation worker and she has to play her role.

It indeed is an interesting punishment. It treats everyone equal under the eyes of law!!


Shiv said... i wish india has something like tis

MK said...

appearances are does this so called punishment...she might gain more publicity ...just like shilpa.. :-) ... this is the trend...!

athia said...

Ya, MK. quite possible. Btw, MK may i know who u r?