Saturday, June 27, 2009


Someone who made Thomas Friedman write how flat the world is! Someone who is a true visionary and built Infosys with his ideas! Someone who penetrated national boundaries to build business with his network! Someone who is a role model to the youth of India! Someone who will cite figures and facts from mind without referring to sheets of pages! An extra-ordinary individual!

Yes, we are talking about our very own Nandan!

Nandan Nilekani, the Co-Chairman and the Co-founder of one of India's prestigious IT Giants has been offered with the position of the Chairperson of Unique Identification Authority of India! He was bestowed with this honor by the Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh.

On one hand, where the image of the IT Corporates Shattered due to the Satyam Scandal, this gesture on the other hand, which emancipated Nandan to the Rank of a Cabinet Minister has definitely reassured the fact, that the faith in the very same Corporates has not failed! Though, there are disappointments in the past in the way Corporate Governance works (thanks to Ramalinga Raju’s cooked up balance Sheets and fake employee database), there are leaders in the very same Industry who have lived up to the ideals and are looked up to with trust!

Some are born great; Some acheive greatness; Some have greatness thrust upon them!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

When you miss someone!

It happens to me sometimes. It suddenly hits me like a brick on the head. I realize that I miss someone. Or it may just be a feeling that I am really going to be missing someone. I am happy all day long and suddenly get into these really bad mood swings.

Today, is one of those sudden transitions. I am going to be missing someone really soon!

The Four Phone calls!

Call Number 1

Of late, I do not pick up calls on my personal mobile at work. I really do not see the need for it. But sometimes, a few phone calls, from few numbers, compel me not to think but to pick. This was one such phone call.

"I really need a change. And, at this moment, I cant think of any better change than to get married!"

"What?!?!?!?!" that was the instantaneous reaction from my end. I could not think of anything else.

This was one of my best buddies in college. She really needed a change - yes, 3 years of work life forced to think that way. Some of the pointers to her next few years in life - H1 Visa, Onsite options etc etc., were not really making progress. Okay, after careful examination of the case, it was decided, may be marriage, is not, a bad option for her.

Call Number 2
2 months later..

A similar phone call, a much more frantic call from the other end, when I was enjoying my Head massage blissfully at one of my favorite parlors. It was her again. This time with a name and employee number.

"Horoscopes perfectly matched. I want some help with the Info about this guy. He works in our Chennai office."

The Name and the employee ID - Oh My God! This guy sits diagnally across my cubicle at work, an employee in my Unit! The information exchanges happen, and, the call, hung up!

Call Number 3

I am in a wedding reception in Madurai. Tring Tring on my mobile.

"I am very worried. Lot of tension at home. This guy is coming tomorrow to meet me. I met his family already. I liked them. But my dad is not very interested in it. Talk to amma." and lo she hands the phone over.

A little bit of information exchange. Some promises to have a open mind and meet this guy. Call hung up.

Call Number 4:

At office again. Yet another phone call, I could not resist picking up. Dont get me wrong! It was not because of the person making the call but the information I thought it carried.

"Wedding is fixed. We would get married in December"

Inference :
1. Three hours of talk, life is decided!
2. It happens only in India and in arranged marriages!
3. The world is a very small Place!
4. Appearences do not matter!
5. It is the wedding season!

Sunday, June 07, 2009


Something I heard and saw.. provoked me to scribble this here!
Relationships - this is the most simple yet most complicated word I have learnt. Simple - because it is there everywhere. Complicated - because it is the most difficult thing to fathom. May be this post will sound paranoid. But actually, it aint! This is the outcome of many observations compiled together. May be a warning to those who have not gotten into this bottomless chasm which sucks you in!

It is interesting to watch people fall into this trap. Actually, when you think of it, it is like addiction - smoke, dope.. Initially its temptation, its fun. Slowly it sucks you in - like a black hole. It saps you out of your energy, loss of energy, effort, money, time and what not! In the it leaves you exhausted. You are sick, tired, upset, dejected, depressed. It takes ages for you to recover. And then another enters your life and the viscious cycle continues..

Saturday, June 06, 2009

World Environment Day!

Yday was World Environment Day.
World Environment day, WED as it is called was established by the UN Genral assembly in 1972. It is hosted by a different country each year and commemorated with an international exposition through the week of June 5. The UN Enviroment Programme (UNEP), also created in 1972, uses WED to stimulate awareness of the environment and enhance political attention and public action.

As obvious as it could get, this year, there was an increasing awareness amidst the people or atleast the educated masses who cared for our very own one and only Earth!

There were n number of campaigns. Don’t do this.. Don’t do that... so this.. Do that.. etc., etc.,
The lingo people started throwing around 1 week before the day on every television channel, newspaper, FM radio stations and many more were - Carbon footprint, Global Warming, Making different campuses Plastic-free etc etc..

Though some of them sound like jargons, here are a few very very simple things which each of us can do. After all, small things make a big difference. Dont they?

1. Carry your won shopping bag. Use a cloth bag instead of a getting a plastic bag every time.
2. Do not use your car/bike unless and until absolutely necessary. You can - walk, take public transport, carpool or telecommute as far as possible.
3. As far as possible, avoid disposable materials - use reusable materials instead. Examples : use food containers instead of aluminum wraps/foils, Coffee mugs instead of disposable cups, reusable blades for razors instead of disposable ones, towels instead of tissue papers.
4. Golden Rule : Do not waste water! One effective technique is to fill water as much as you need it in a container and use it than to directly open down from the tap - while bathing, brushing, washing your face, shaving, washing vessels, washing clothes et al. I am sure you can add a lot many things like this. Use water only as much as you can. Water, is precious!!
5. Papurus - one of the greatest inventions by mankind! Today, though many offices/establishments are working towards the concept of paperless office, it only can be minimized to an extent. In the sense, it cannot be completely eliminated. It is needless to say how many trees are cut for the cellulose which is required fo rmaking paper. A few things tried and tested - circulate documents as soft copy instead of hard copies. If you buy news paper, please sell it off a garage wala so that it is recycled. Reuse paper!
6. Turn Vegetarian! Reduces your carbon foot print.
7. Turn off fans, lights and other electrical/electronic gadgets when not in use. Best still, dont turn them on unless necessary. As far as possible, leverage on natural lighting, ventilation etc.
8. Plant a tree. Do not cut trees. If you cannot do the former, at least do that latter!
9. Ok, this one - I am definitely not kidding! Do not hesitate to wear your jeans/corduroys at least a couple of times more than to dump it for washing immediately. Saves - water, detergent and also reduces the amount of domestic effluent!
10. If the infrastructure in your house allows - do vermi composting for the Kitchen/garden waste.
11. Turn off your engine at long traffic signals.
12. Donate the things which are no longer useful to you instead of merely throwing them away!
13. Sleep with windows open with lots of cross ventilation instead of closing yourself shut with AC on!
14. Avoid buying items with plastic containers. Buy stuff that comes in tetra packs/glass containers. Buy them in Bulk instead of small quantities.
15. Segregate wet waste and dry waste from your house and dispose accordingly. The wet waste like kitchen waste and garden waste is composted/vermi composted. The Dry waste like paper, bottles etc should be given to a vendor and recycled. The toxic wastes like batteries, soiled bandages, E-waste – CDs, floppies etc should be landfilled.
Remember the 3 Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! If you consciously try this, that by itself is a great contribution and will definitely make our world a better place to live in!