Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Four Phone calls!

Call Number 1

Of late, I do not pick up calls on my personal mobile at work. I really do not see the need for it. But sometimes, a few phone calls, from few numbers, compel me not to think but to pick. This was one such phone call.

"I really need a change. And, at this moment, I cant think of any better change than to get married!"

"What?!?!?!?!" that was the instantaneous reaction from my end. I could not think of anything else.

This was one of my best buddies in college. She really needed a change - yes, 3 years of work life forced to think that way. Some of the pointers to her next few years in life - H1 Visa, Onsite options etc etc., were not really making progress. Okay, after careful examination of the case, it was decided, may be marriage, is not, a bad option for her.

Call Number 2
2 months later..

A similar phone call, a much more frantic call from the other end, when I was enjoying my Head massage blissfully at one of my favorite parlors. It was her again. This time with a name and employee number.

"Horoscopes perfectly matched. I want some help with the Info about this guy. He works in our Chennai office."

The Name and the employee ID - Oh My God! This guy sits diagnally across my cubicle at work, an employee in my Unit! The information exchanges happen, and, the call, hung up!

Call Number 3

I am in a wedding reception in Madurai. Tring Tring on my mobile.

"I am very worried. Lot of tension at home. This guy is coming tomorrow to meet me. I met his family already. I liked them. But my dad is not very interested in it. Talk to amma." and lo she hands the phone over.

A little bit of information exchange. Some promises to have a open mind and meet this guy. Call hung up.

Call Number 4:

At office again. Yet another phone call, I could not resist picking up. Dont get me wrong! It was not because of the person making the call but the information I thought it carried.

"Wedding is fixed. We would get married in December"

Inference :
1. Three hours of talk, life is decided!
2. It happens only in India and in arranged marriages!
3. The world is a very small Place!
4. Appearences do not matter!
5. It is the wedding season!


thenewbnb said...

v true! it does happen only in india!! and i am worried i may fall prey to it soon :(

athia said...

Lol.. dont you think it happens in the Gulf, your favorite land?

Anonymous said...

i wonder why you are writing much about marriage, relationships and stuffs like that nowadsys...may be beacuse of the 5th inference in your blog :) .

athia said...

@anonymous, yes, indeed!

Imagine me said...

Lol.. we do know who we are talking abt.. dont we? The main door and the latch and of course the jumping are the first things comin to my mind.. Cant help it..

Dilip Muralidaran said...

sad indeed. if only the man could be the house husband and get pregnant, it would be fun to watch arranged marriages then :P

Athena said...

@ Dilip, why do I feel only you can make Statements like this? What Lateral aka Collateral thinking!

Dilip Muralidaran said...

haa haa haa! i found your blog! im gonna stalk you with my terrorizing comments from now on :-P and yes i added you to my rss reader which means im gonna comment on every post :-O

Kavitha S said...
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