Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shmelessness is not the word!

Converstation with Nassh
Where : On call
Time : 10 PM, today
Me: Where is my HRD Book?
Nassh : You will get it tomorrow night at 8.45 PM.
Me : Does that mean that we are going out for dinner?
Nassh: hmmm.. We can. Lets go!
Me : Does that mean you are going to pay the bill?
Nassh: haan?
Me : In penalty for keeping my book for 4 months and not reading a single page from it?
Nassh : Ok OK. I will. I dont mind taking you out for Dinner.
Me : Good Boy. BTW, Benjie might also join us for dinner.
Nassh : Oh My God. Anything more?
Me : Are you not bringing me a bunch of roses?
Nassh : So far I ve not bought them for anyone other than...... But now that you ve asked for it, I will.
Me : Oh you fell for it? Goodie!
Nassh : Is that all? Anything more?
Me : That will do for the moment!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I know i fell for it...but then good one!! i loved doing it for you my dear fren!! :)

Be good!! atleast try to ;)

- nash