Friday, May 22, 2009

The Generation Next!

It is really an interesting fact - The current generation of kids : The Generation Next!

Sometimes I really look at them with awe! Mutiple factors - The acumen, Smartness, Glib talking, shrewdness and the rationale they provide at times, the farsightedness that belies their age! But at times you also feel like bashing them up for all the big talk they do!

Sometimes it is also dreadful to imagine getting into an arguement, or, for that matter, even to strike a casual conversation with these wizards! The statements they throw at you, simply make you shut up and blink! Read on, and you will know why I say so..

I have a little cousin who was 5 years old when this happened:

I casually asked her "Who are your friends?"
She gave me a long list of names - Sushmitha, Neetha, Priya, Anamika, and the list went on and on with a long list of names of girls of her class.
"Oh, you dont have any boyfriends?" I causually threw this question thinking I was pulling her leg.
In turn it only made me realise that I was making a bulb of myself. "Ah! Boys are so boring" was her reply.

I really dint know what was in her head when she said this. What made her "feel" that boys are boring! I really dont know how many boys did she know and understand which made her categorize them as "boring"! Absolutely No comments!

Another incident which Benjie narrated:

She had been to her cousin's home for Vishu. It is general practice on Vishu, for elders in the family to give small sums of money to the children in the household, which is termed as "Vishukaineetam"! Being a responsible adult, she gives Vishukaineetam to her naughty niece.
Question to her "You have lots of money?" when she saw the Bill, which, obviously, appeared big to her, was extended to her to as a gift! Now Benjie is Dumbstruck - Should she say YES? Should she say NO? she pretty much understands, quite clearly, the complications behind giving either of the answers! It would only result in yet another bulb. As a result, her gaping mouth - zip sealed!

Our little sweetheart was then asked to touch Benjie's feet by her mother. Keeping up the tradition alive through times was the idea!

Reaction - She touched Benjie's feet with her feet. Smartness! Ah! Then the instructions were given to her with some more clarity - "Touch her feet with your hand". She puts her hand up in the air and instantaneously instructs Benjie - "You touch my hand with your feet" Oh my Gawd! These Kids have a way out of anything and everything I say.

I am sure each of you would have, definitely, come across similar encounters with the smart next Gen which would have made to wonder: Where the world is heading to? This generation is too fast to catch up with! Seriously!


Nivash said...

bingo next generation is extremely mature but i miss the innocence and childishness - the real ones for which i love them for!! :)
"CUT" had close to 5/6 10 th std kids and interacting with them helped me realized the next gen is far more mature...good realization!! too heavy a read though...:)

benjie said...

i should've fallen @ her feet instead :P

simz_aolly said...

here s one more for nxg,., one day we were askin one of our cousin sis (jus n 3rd class now) like "wat wud u like to become whn ya grow up?" As responsible elders (though im not,.,hehe) we were expectin answers like "i wanna becom a doctor,.,engg,.,blah blah blah,., but there you go. her answer was, "mai badi hoke kaamwaali banugi" meaning "i wanna becom a servant maid when i grow up". we wer dumbstruck at her answer. Gosh! how on earth would you expect such a reply. Over a period of time she has overheard her parents ponderin over d high wages da servant maids demand these days n she has conclusively decided tat being a servant maid wud be lucrative.

Jus a da moores law for electronics, every two years the next generation gets smarter and the current generation gets dumber,., lol :)