Friday, November 10, 2006

Life Goes On.. Infy Rocks and I have to say it!!!

And finally after a long time!!!

ya.. here it goes..

I joined Infy finally after so much of pandemonium in my joining dates. Actually it was 19 th june but i somehow managed to change it to 29 th may. Perhaps that was the most sensible decision i made. I went with all the huge bunch of Anna Univ folks. Thank heavens!!! Otherwise in that so called  corporate training, I would have been lost!!!

The moment I entered the sprawling Mysore Infy campus, I was completely taken aback. The mammoth of the building called GEC, The most happening ECC, the outlets in FC, the SDBs.. and a whole bunch of things.. Sorry about the whole lot of acronyms, that comes to u as a conditioned reflex action the junta in corporate!!

The ambiance aside, the training it was too good!! It was well designed and well structured. Even if you don know ABCs of coding, they are bent upon making u one full fledged programmer in their own fashion. All you have to do is to surrender yourself at their disposal and mechanically follow the lectures, write the module tests, attend the mock quizzes, do the stream projects etc etc etc.. well it is all a part of the getting a training equivalent to a BS degree in US ( At least that is what they claim here!!!)

For a person like me, who is like in an altogether lost world, i learnt soooooooooooooo much in the short span of 3.5 months. right from hardware concepts and software concepts to programming to developing sofware applications. It much so much that my little brain could take!!!

And, the fun part of Mysore, the whole bunch of Anna univ folks, a good number of ppl from PEC, NIT Nagpur, BIT Mesra, IT BHU.. Cant forget the lunch time and those Dhabbha days.. It was indeed a lively lively crowd, wherever I went my network followed!! lol

Those days were hectic. the classes started at 09.00 am. And, it means 09.00 am and not even 09.01 am. and if u r late, u have to apply for half day leave. Man, is this corporate training or some boot camp I entered by mistake?? Day and night and day and night.. on and on and on.. over and over again.. in front of the comp coding and learning.. Get geared up gal, and that's gonna be the rest of your life!!

Here s something that infy needs to work about..

1. The initial HR process of induction needs to be more refined. ppl, as they join in huge numbers (it was hundreds before and now thousands a week), for example, the Document screening should be more ordered and done in batches so tat it saves a lot of time for the trainees.

2. In the stream specific training, there were a lot of typos the material. It has to be taken care of by EnR.

3. The training days appeared more like entering into 9 th semester rather than a corporate training. only the last few days, when we did a POST project, the rest of the training never was a simulation of a real time project scenario.

4. And, on the personal note, I did not like the kind of preferences and privileges given to the US trainee batch. After all, rule for one is rule for all!!

Apart from it., the true spirit of infy reflects its Mantra- Powered by Intellect, Driven by Values!!!

Whatever said or done, Infy Rocks and I have to say it!!