Saturday, January 27, 2007

Story of a Great Man!!

This weekend, I am not going anywhere.. gonna sit down and study. This was my resolution.
But then, I receive a call from my cousin and then she says, come over and I cudnt resist going.
My grandpa s home, such a lively place. Amongst many a reasons to visit there, my special reasons to hop in there every week are my cousin and grandpa.. they are so special to me.

This time, I was there only for half a day.. due to my classes of late, I am not able to spend time with them :( But then, Something is better than nothing.

Grandpa called us frantically in the afternoon. We ran in to see what happend. He had become numb, his hands had become chill. Both of us look at each other, with trepidation. We rubbed his palm for a while warming him up. He was fine after a while. His eyes were watering, looking at us saying only two little words, "My Children". We understood, to him what those two words meant, how much they weigh. We were also equally emotional. Grandpa, man of such accomplishments.

He has got many a feathers to his cap. He was the Cheif executive engineer in the Highways department. He specialised in the construction of bridges. He was instrumental in the constructing the first ever two tier bridge in TamilNadu. He was also a part of the Pamban Bridge project for a few months. And many many projects add to his accomplishments. He always executed the most critical project with careless ease. He dint stop with that. Even after his retirement, he helped out in executing many of the building developments in Chennai. Designing very popular hospitals, colleges and complexes were all his interests after retirement.

A man always on wheels, who, will not sit back and rest, even on his glory. Today, he needs a support even to move around. We are all proud of the man you were and the man you are, Grandpa!!

Friday, January 26, 2007

India is my country!!!

Today is the day.. Exactly 57 years India became republic.. To be honest, what does this mean to any of us?? Does it really mean anything?? Million dollar Question to ask..

All of us say, W r proud to be Indians.. well to sit back and ask.. what pride do we take??

Perhaps we have the largest Democracy in the world, the longest ever written constitution.. But what do we know about it?? all that we do is to watch the indepenence day and republic day parade on the TV and tat too many of us dont have time for..

Sovereign, Democratic, republic country.. government of the people, by the people, for the people.. all that i remember meant to me only until i saw them in the Civics text book..

In today's, world, what does it mean.. if it really meant something we would not have witness heaps and heaps of bodies being unearthed in Noida, gal being mercilessly assaulted in front of our most historic India Gate, Perhaps a scam on every other noun you can find.. Food scam, Fodder scam, Relief fund scam.. etc etc etc.. and the list is never ending..

What will it take to change it??? How long will it take to change?? a mystery to solve.. still remains a mystery..