Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Want to listen to my story?

I have a story to tell you!

Children, have you heard of Mickey Mouse?
Now, have you heard of Val-Mickey Mouse?

Ha ha! This is how the story telling workshop(as a part of launch of two Tulika books, Vyasa's Mahabharath and Hanuman's Ramayan) started.

House full of kids. I and Benjie struggling to handle them. But nevertheless, we did a good job. We had a real good time!

The Authors' of the books were really happy to see us enliven the characters in their books by becoming Banana trees, Bridge, Musk rat, Ganesha, Cat, Hanuman and what not!

We goofed up here and there because the kids were hyper-active. Whatever it was, it was fun! Children are these lovely little things! Such a nice feeling it left in the end! After all, that is the most important thing. Right?


Dilip Muralidaran said...

Absolutely. Nothing like being around kids. Sad i was not able to make it that evening. Bags packed with camera gear and ready to go and then come relatives, the annoying ones. Sigh! Next time maybe if im in town :-)

Anonymous said...

Ya it was fun to watch too! The kids were amazingly interactive. Their sense if understanding made me to feel bad of myself. Not even a bit, I was like them in my childhood days...

the animated face of the performers, the zeal of the kids, the whole concept ( vettaikaran, avatar, Val-miki hahaha)
the way you guys managed when kids were taking charge of the act!! all were wonderful

The whole performance in the evening could be said in one word
cute :)

Athena said...

Nice to know that you watched our reading. Yes, it was quite an enthu bunch of kids! We were all excited before, while and after the reading!

BTW, it would be nice if you could publish your name when you post comments!

wizard said...

Sorry never thought of it in your perspective. Didn’t intend hide-away, feel bad after reading your statement. Have I mortified myself. (say no please :) )
Didn’t post in my id as I didn’t want to give a chance to read my blogs (really :),I write that worse).

Anyways cheers to your writing and the whole masquerade performance the other day

wizard said...

Just now read few of your old blogs and comments. then suddenly realised something & wanted to say you. I didnt write any of those comments as anonymous commentor/someone ..
Ka athu naan illeeng ka!! verayaarong!!

Athena said...

Nice to that someone recognizes your good work! Hope you keep watching the coming masquerade performances. Thanks!