Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Incredible Me!

Incredible I am! Sometimes its hard to believe!

Well, today I got up early in the morning wanting to land up at office at 8. Not because of anything else but wanted to leave work early. Of late with the clocking of minimum of 6.5 hours, I cant get my butt out unless I butt in with my work early.

Actually, my office had done a huge restructuring exercise and the entire organization comprising of Tens of Thousands of employees witnessed a re-designation exercise. The first cut of letters went out today. Naturally, there was a lot of angst in the ground. Some were happy with the new roles they are given, some were not very happy due to multiple reasons. Well, getting a fancy title which you can flaunt around or not so fancy title and be unhappy. Thats it!

I had to attend a conference today organized by eWIT which stands for Empowering Women in IT at 4 PM at the Madras Boat Club. I sneaked out of the office by 3 in the afternoon with a sigh of relief that I do not have to face unrest on the ground due to the new restructuring exercise. Well, I cant evade it but can procrastinate.

I took all the necessary approvals from my both the bosses (yes, yes as though one was not enough, I do this "dual reporting"). eWIT had sent me an invite for a Networking session which would have a brief coffee meet at 4 followed by Guest Lecture from someone from American Consulate on "Current Scenario on H1/L1 Visas". I thought I would reach in time for the Lecture and landed up at the Madras Boat Club at 4.30 sharp after going one full round around the Turn-bulls Road and Boat Club Road.

I told the security that I am here to attend a meeting and asked him where the Conference Room is. He told me to contact the Reception. Laughing at his ignorance, I walked to the Reception and asked they guy about the eWIT meet. He was completely unaware that such a thing is happening there. I got even more pissed off.

I called up the organizer. This was how exactly the conversation went.

Me: Hello, this is So and So from Infosys.
Receiver: Hi.
Me: Is this guest lecture on Visas happening?
Receiver : Of course, yes.
Me: Is it happening at the Boat Club or has the venue changed or soemthing?
Receiver : No, its pretty much there!
Me : How come this guy in the reception doesnt know about it?
Receiver : May be they have not informed him yet.
Me : (Grumbling)I am already here to attend the meeting and nobody is guiding me to the venue.
Receiver : But the session was organized for next thursday, the 23rd!
Me : What?

Well, at that point I felt like a fool? How can I miss such an important detail? I came all the way from Shollinganallur to bulb this way?

I am just Incredible. That s all I can say!

P.S : My latest twitter update says "Back Home early coz I am extremely smart and organized!"

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Jegan said...

going early is good ...
but a week early ... not so much :)