Monday, May 01, 2006

"guys" or gals!!

after y day s party, today was jus another day.. after uploadin the pictures and videos, i slept pretty late y day.. and obviously got up really really late..
nothing much happened except goin to ascendas to have dinner..

wel pradeep and his childhood friends boopalan, vivek, bhuvan and i were suppossed to have dinner today.. the scheduled time was 8 o clock.. place.. waldorf..

sometimes i wonder why ppl complain tat women r ones who take a lot of time for everythin.. to decide, to dress up etc... but do men ever realize wat they do?

wel as it was decided to be at waldorf by 8, pradeep has to pick me up before tat.. and he comes by 8.35.. v reached waldorf around 8.45 only to find that there was no place inside and ppl r already waitin for tables.. v thought v can check it out in wang s kitchen.. same state there too.. despites many phone calls, the rest of the guys reach adyar itself by9.20.. wat can v do with them???
and yet they say women r the ones who take time for everything... and they?

now v thought v ll do somethin sensible.. v ll go to ascedas food court.. its huge and nice and v ll definitely manage to find some place as it was not old enough for huge masses of ppl to barge in.. and then these guys had the issue of the seating loctions.. each of them with their own place of preference to get the best possible look of their choicest chicks.. and.. no consideration for time at all!

finally parked themselves... now comes.. deciding wat v gonna eat.. with so many discussions.. wen the menu was decided, there was a long wait for the food to come..

we finally got the grub.. the chicken pieces were not just fried in oil.. they were soaked in oil.. oh my..

finally finished the food, got up to leave.. wait a min.. i noticed somethin.. the acendas food court has wi-fi.. so a blue tag hangin here and there advertisin ppl bout it.. so one more good thing bout ascendas in addition to space and ambience is wi-fi!!!

back home.. nothin so unusual bout the day.. it was.. jus another day.. it was very funny to c the guys like "gals"


kannan said...

stay cool da... well, these are some of misconceptions of boys abt girls,mainly perpetrated by movies,perusu's etc... similarly gals have their own misconceptions...

Anonymous said...

hi.. jus checking

kannan said...

stay cool da... these r few misconceptions abt gals by guys perpetrated by movies,perusu's(need to seal their mouth)... by the way gals too have some misconceptions abt boyz...