Wednesday, May 03, 2006

red hot!!!

wel today...

just got up to find one of my friends who s a prof in nift online.. wel i actually had some work in nift for a pretty long long time.. so finally fixed up a time and headed to nift.. and nift one of the institutes where studnents have a voice.. they learn out of interest, do wat they learn.. being a textile technologist myself i can c the difference... and somehow, the chennai nift buildin has always fascinated me.. hapazard structures though, i really love it..

after i was done with the discussions, we thought v ll have lunch and went to ascendas.. and hat-trick ... for the third time in a week..
ok.. i ve been to ascendas only at the evenings before.. and ya.. i found most of it empty.. wel today it was a different scenario.. had been in the afternoon na.. it was buzzing with activity.. wel i cud c the corporate culture really penetratin into chennai.. our very own conservative chennai!!!!
wel, prof and i were speakin bout it.. he gets reminded of one of his friends workin in the same buldg. she s a sports nutritioninst workin in fitness one.. he cals her and lo.. she was standin in the parkin.. soo she comes in..
prof and she got into a general discussion of their friends.. and at a point wen they were discussin bout one of their friends who got married in a very young age opposin the family.. the guy used to be filthy rich i understood from the discussion.. and the nutritionist gets really furious.. if one cant provide stability, then he has not to spoil a gal s life.. tat was her comment.. and the discussion revolved around this for sometime.. and then topic change..
wats the reason behind so much of fury? wel after she left, i leart tat she was divorced.. she did that because she cud not stand non-sense.. wel i cud understand the reason behind her anger.. radical thoughts.. the world does not under stand it.. she s now happy alone.. works with the famous nutritionist Dr. Kannan Pugalendi.. and accordin to info from the prof, she s the nutritionist of many popular movie personalities like Surya..
she leaves and v sit to have our grub.. prof and i go back to the topic wher v left.. the corporate culture.. everybody madly runnin behind money.. and it went on and on..
wel i return back to college.. i was to apply for the PC.. me and kannan bro walk to the dept.. already havin the form with us, we walk straight to the exam hall zone.. v had to get the signature of our class advisor.. he s god knows wat.. examination superintendent or somethin.. so had to wait for him.. and can u imagine how long? 45 mins. bull shit.. after all one signature.. so much scene..
with tat v go the so called Head of my dept.. and wait again.. guess of all the things i did in the dept all these four is the maximum time allotted is to wait.. so there s nothin new bout waitin.. (wel i remember waitin for economics class for 1 hour for a class of duration of 1 hr 30 mins!!!)
so finally gettin the attestations, the Hod makes us go to the office of the controller of examinations to submit the application... and they send us back to the dept.. everywhere.. finally threw those application forms on the head s table and walked away..
me and kannan bro walk down to the coffee shop.. had some cold coffee.. v went walkin around the ceg mount road..a nd sat down to talk.. v almost spoke for 3 and 1/2 hours.. and obviusly, either of us pissed offf with the irrational things happenein around us.. more the discussion in the next blog.. so ret hot i was with the system around us, ppl around us...

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