Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Am I guilty??

Yesterday I was on my bike rushing to the Infy Guest House to catch my Bus. It was already 7:05 AM and the bus was supposed to start from the Guest house at 7:15 AM. I was on full speed on my Scooty.
As I was heading to the main road from the side street of my house, a white little kitten ran into the wheels suddenly from some side cut.Neither did it notice the vehicle. I applied brakes. But it was too late. It had already been hit. I was too scared to stop. But gathering some guts, I turned back to see what is its state. It was lying there. I was beginning to feel guilty. after another 2 seconds, I turned for the second time. It was still lying there. My eyes started to water. But I had to catch the bus. So accelerated and speeded straight to the Guest House.
After parking, I was beginning to contemplate if I should go back, pick up the poor little kitten and take it to the Blue Cross. I called up a friend and narrated the whole incident. He said that the Kitten should be fine and not to worry much. The very same moment, the bus came and I got in. My college mate was sitting besides me nad was generally beginning to chit-chat with me. I was in no mood. Put on the radio on my phone and closed my eyes. The sight of the lying on the road was unwinding and rewinding in my mind.
Though I came ot office and was looking into other things, the whole episode was running in my mind. It was not my mistake. Neither was it my carelessness. Should I have gone back and took it to hospital? Am I guilty?
Someone rightly told me, "Somethings in life are not very sweet and we can do nothing about it."

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nemesis said...

Guilty as accused!!! he he...