Friday, July 20, 2007

Welcome Back APJ

Anna University is all set to receive Dr. Kalam back on campus. The first citizen of India is more interested to go back and mould the young brains of India that to be a supreme commander of the defence forces!!

I remember meeting this great personality on campus in my first year of college. APJ s first visit after he bacame the President of India was planned to my campus in my second semester. And my faculty advisor told me that all the student representatives will get to meet him then. I volunteered to become the Class Representative just to meet him.Would you people believe?
One of my friends from the US had sent me his autobiography, "Wings of fire" all the way from the US of the A as a gift for my Bday and I obviously was too inspired when I read it!!

And I am very proud of the fact that I educated from the same Institution as he did!!

All the very best for your "Vision 2020" Dr.Kalam and we are so proud to have you back on campus!!!

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