Saturday, April 14, 2007

Our Hero!!

Today s schedule for the class said, MC2. As usual, Nerd and I go to the class and then analyse what this MC2 could be. And then it strikes me - Mock CAT2. And here, we happened to go without any preparation(Is it even expected??) and most importantly, without HB pencils. I called up Mr B and he just started from home, managed to catch him on time luckily and made him bring pencils for all three of us. Just when I hung up it struck me that I should have asked to bring erasers too. Never mind like the JIT compiler, he started Just In Time to reach. Already, he will be late. Calling him up once again will only make him later. Anyway he did have presence of mind and bought us erasers. And Sharpener too. I am impressed!! But then I later discovered it was a Super Mock - Mock CAT for a duration of 1.5 hours vs the actual 2.5 hrs. I did much better than last time and was able to attend more number of questions and was able to manage time better than before.

We had actually reached the class early. As we where waiting, some gal jumps from the middle of nowhere and says a very cheerful "Hiiiiiiiii" to Nerd. He also got excited on seeing some junior of his from college. Both of them stood at the front of the class much to their envy and go on and on talking, providing entertainement to the class. The very look of the way this guy drooling was definitely worth watching!! Some words like LIC, PVR, Seetharaman etc were uttered which made me guess that the gal was from the same dept as he was.

After the entire scene was over, I ask him, "What were you discussing?" He says she was generally asking about career and companies and that he was promptly guiding her. But then, I have a doubt. Will a "Personal Career Guidance" session always be accompanied by all smiles and exchanging of romantic looks? Hmmmmmmmm. No more further comments at the Career Counsellor. ;)

My next question to him was, "What is her name?" and he replies with an oily grin "I dont know. I thought it will be too rude to ask her now." Good God Gracious!! This guy spoke to a girl in front of the whole class for 30 mins without even knowing what her name was. Exceptional talent!!

The highlight of the entire episode was that, the lady actually decided to stay behind and take the mock test in our classroom rather than going back to her classroom and attend her class. And she did!!! Sooooooooooo much of fan falling!!! So Macho-man, what magic did you cast on her????

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ithella msp ku puthusa enna ?