Monday, April 09, 2007

The Weekend and The Namesake

After a nice nap on the saturday afternoon post a good lunch, I dragged myself out of bed and got ready forcefully bringing the study mood. Nerd and I ended up getting the biggest bulb on Saturday where We went all the way to the TIME class. No classes! We call up another friend of ours with the good intention to inform him that there are no classes and he need not come all the way and bulb like we did. But then, he already knew that there were no classes. He could have informed us. Heights of being mean!

Ok, no class, so what? Time to party!! Went to beach, had some chat, met a couple of college mates. Both of them are Nerd's classmates. One of them got into IIFT and another had cals from XLRI but unfortunately dint convert. "That guy is a pro in vocabs" Nerd told me secretly. We were generally discussing about blogs and blogging etc.

Sunday! plans of studying -- Procrastination of studying till afternoon failed miserably all completely. There was no class and hence, make the best use of it this time. Post lunch was a movie. "The Namesake and if we dont get it we are watching Provoked" it was me this time. There was a comment after hearing this, "I dont find you contemplating for anything of late, you seem to be pretty clear in what you want to do and what you dont want to do. Transition, for the Good!" from Nerd's side. Not bad!!

So, it was "The Namesake". The review made the movie sound very nice. The story which revolves around two worlds, two generations and two life styles, was keep simple and to the point. The contrasts between the 2 parts of the world are brought out beautifully without much of hype. No dragging and no beating around the bush. Besides, portraying a typical American life, there was picturization portraying a lot of social "Activity". The person I dragged along with to the movie said, "So you said its a very nice movie"with a smirk on his face.

More than the much of "social activity" in the movie, there was a higher degree of it happening to my right and left ;) Hmm school kids.. Too too much. Not going into the details. Finger on my lips!!!

Anyway it was a good weekend.

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