Thursday, February 22, 2007

Eventful Day today!!

Before i could eloborate anything, let me tell u, i had a gr8 day today!!

i am now released from my project. so thought i head to MCity to see wats happenoing there. It felt so nice to be there after being in Sholz for soemtime. here I go away from the hustle and bustle of shols!!! MCity is a lot calmer, Greener and welcoming than sholz.

It felt so nice to meet old friends again. The same breakfast fun, hopping into everybody s cube and paying courtesy visits. Wow!! ya ya i do agree all this is signs of joblesness but being jobless once in a way is actually nice!!!

Today i accomplishedone important job. Well, will let out the secret if it materialises!!

Evening to beach with babe and D1. overall, it was a funfilled and eventful day!! :) :)


Anonymous said...

acha.. so i dont have to worry about mcity lawns these days then..

Shiv said... abt beach tis sat or so!!