Saturday, February 03, 2007

Mitts the great!!!

I receive a call at 10 which seemed to be my wake up call for today. And the call was from none other than Ms.Mitts the great. you all must be know Mitts and I are best of pals from college. She was one of the very few people who shared my frequency in college. The first 2 years in my engineering degree was too good. and Mitts is one of those few people who made life good at college!!!!

The most fun time we had in fact was our  preparation towards our second term Physics exam. I am sure Mitts, u ll agree.  We haunted in Ann's room pretending to study. Had we stayed in our we ll get disturbed and wont study. All vetti scene. And Ann used to beg us in her shrill voice "People please study"In fact, any of you who wants to know any of the time wasting tactics, you can ask us. We ll perfectly show you how not to do anything to perfection.

Highlight of our joblessness is the  times we spent in the coffee shop on that Garden Restaurant road at college. If it was Ananadham's maths class then it means we had to be at the coffee shop. That was the order of the day!!!!

Let me tell what happened today. Mitts landed up today morning at 2. Now catching up a little bit of sleep, I know the next thing she did was to call me. Disturbed my lovely sleep!!
That's ok. Once in a way. So maaf kar diya!!

I drag myself out of bed, and lethargically get ready and drived my most popular Scooty to her place. The moment I step into her home, I found a big meal being served to a huge number of people at her hall. Oh god! only now I realize. Today was her Parents wedding anniversary!!! Oh god, as usual me bulbing :(

Well thanks to my presence of mind. At least then I realized. With one quick round of wishing 25 happy years of wedded life, I land straight into Mitts' room to strangle her neck for not telling me. And thank God, I went there decently attired. What if i had hopped in with a shabby Capri and damaged Tee like I always do! Mitts babe.. I would have blamed you for that if I handed landed up in such a situation and people would have given me weird looks up and down twice.

Her mama, happy at seeing me after a long time showered all the love she could. I am always special to her and she loved feeding me! In a little while, we get invitations to eat. It was a traditional South Indian lunch. Too Good. Numerous varieties of curries and veggies, sweet and savories, we were struggling to eat. The lunch was awesome!! And we hogged like hell!! I will be posting the hogging pictures very soon :)

The effect of over eating, the drowsiness. I look at Mitts, she looks at her little sis, and she looks at us both. With the guests still in the Hall, we lock ourselves inside her room and slept for 3 full hours!!! And again as usual, woken up by a call. This time its Mr.Nerd reminding me that I should get ready for class. I get up and freshen up and ride back home to go to class, with Mitts still sleeping there. I ll take care of you tomorrow baby!!!!

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acha acha.. humko maloom hain ji ;)