Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It Happens Only in India!!!

Had been to College a couple of days ago to submit my application for the Convocation.
Yes people, even I am going through that jing-bang even to grab hold of my diploma in hand!

I hopped into my Guide s room paying him a courtesy visit. He was talking to Congo, my favorite research scholar (calling him my favorite, I am obviously being sarcastic here). Then broke into my department head's office. He was more than happy to see me. After all, I am one of the best students the University has produced and I successfully conned to make it feel so, at least!

The Head's son works in Trilogy and obviously, he was well informed about how software firms function, the work-culture, the attitude of the people working there etc.. he was talking to me about it. Just then Dr.Rabbit hopped in with a pile of papers for some attestation. They were placing orders for books for the Department library and just then, The Head cited an interesting situation to me. It seems that UGC has sanctioned 1 crore for the department fund. But then, more interestingly, they have to spend all the fund within 20 days or else, this fund will be carried over as opening balance for the next cycle and apparently, less fund will be allocated next year. So they all are bent upon spending the entire crore within 20 days. This gives me a deja vu feeling of some Rajinikanth movie where his father gives some huge sum of money and asked to spend it in stipulated time in order to actually inherit his wealth.

Adding up to the tricky situation is that, for any kind of purchase or any kind of infrastructure development process, there is a long process which cant be by-passed. It appears to be another variant of Murphy's law. When you have money to spend, you cannot spend it but it has to be spent!

Well, it always happens at Indian Government organisations. The speed with which things happen is obviously like that of a snail. For everything, there s a well defined absolutely a complicated way which nobody knows how to simplify. We all would have experienced it in some form or the other in Government offices may it be electricity Board, a voters ID, or some kind of NOC or an approval and many more to add on.

Question is does it happen only in India?

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