Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Of life and life-saving..

Many of the Bollywood movies would potray a scene wherein a patient will be taken to the hospital only to hear the doctors say, "Had you brought him/her 30 mins early we could have saved him/her". Even in real this may be pretty much possible and could happen to any of us, anytime.

In todays busy world everyone seems to be busy.The haste with which we expect things to happen, the sheer insensitivity, and the absence of civic responsibilty is the root cause for such miseries to happen. Almost everyday, on the way back home, I find atleast one ambulance getting struck in the Guindy traffic. Adding futher to the tragedy is the mismanagement in traffic control that happens despite the traffic police on duty. No one seems to show even a least bit of concern for the poor soul at distress.

Every evening I hear the sirens go on and on at the junction only to fall on deaf ears. For atleast 15 mins, there is an inescapable wait for the ambulance.The traffic seems to be an unanswerable problem. The presence of the traffic constable doesnt even make a difference. When there is not enough clearance for the ambulance to pass by, there are no efforts to make way for the ambulance carrying a soul fighting for life.

Even if slightest of common sense is given a chance, this problem could be resolved. The traffic cops can easily stop the timed functioning of the traffic signals and open the traffic so that the vehicles preceding the ambulance can clear out and pave way for the amulance to pass by. Then the normal routines can be continued.

A couple of days ago, there was a report on NDTV about the number of deaths that happen on the way to the Hospital, in the ambulance, getting struck in the traffic. Every week atleast 2 or 3 cases are reported in Mumbai alone. And the figures for the whole of India??? You fill in the blanks!!!

Also yesterday, when we reached office and was about to alight the bus, there were a bunch of people block the bus to enter the Infy gate. They had come down to protest against what had happened the previous night. The reason being that there was someone in the adjoining vilagecritically ill and had to be taken to the hospital. They had come to ask for the infy ambulance. The security guard had dismissed their request stating that he does not have permission to do so. The patient finally died in the midst of the wait for medical help.

I would say, the Security Guard could have spoken to the authorities and could have given teh ambulance to the villagers. Or even at the worst case, could have taken a decision on his own to give it. Saving a life was much more important than the hierarchical order of doing things and not by passing the order.

Even if an ambulance was not supposed to be taken for saving a life, then wat kind of a Social conciousness are we speaking about in corporates? Is it all worth the say? Will there be some change in our moral responsibilites atleast in the days to come? Only time will answer this question.


Anonymous said...

pehle spell check to karo ..aur fir blog karo.
mera infy mahaan.!!!

Shiv said...

I accept in all wat u say..but still we dunno wat all had happened at tat incident. Watever I can feel the depth in ur post.

Dilip said...

Thats really sad to hear such an incident in our own campus.
Such things should be avoided in the future.
Nice to see tht atleast my friend athia pointed it out.