Friday, March 02, 2007

After a long time!!

Just as I came back from office, my phone buzzed. Uthaman, one of my college Classmates has come down from China. So meet up!

The plan was to go to Ascendas initially. He came over to pickk me up. The moment I entered the car, the A/C was so refreshing that I jumped out saying we ll go for a long ride!!! And there we headed to ECR, Chennai's most sought road for rides. More than the ride, what was more enjoyable and interesting was the things he told me - about China, about people, culture etc.

And also not to forget, his future plans regarding his business. He hails from karaikudi, where we find lot of Spinning and Textile mills situated. And, as obvious it is, he owns a spinning mill. Now he works in China so that he can learn textile market and some nuances of the same. He loves the place, he says. Shangai is an awesome place to be. But for the food, you will love the place!! The people there are very dexterous, very artistic. Textiles have awesome potential there and many such things he told me.

Hearing enough good about China, I asked him what youd dont like there. Poor thing, they changed his name from 'Uthaman' to 'Hu Tha' for the simple reason that the Chinese script does not include this kind of phonetics. You can have a look all by yourself below. Pera nalla kolai pannitaanga!!

Moreover our Karaikudi Chettiar has some more secrets which if I reveal, I am sure to be murdered for. So shhhhhhhhhh!! Finger on my lips. Yenna Mr Hu Tha, sandhoshama?
We had our grub at Kebab Court and then came back to Ascendas to have dessert. We also discussed some strategic plans for the Convocation Day where we ll get to have the rarest opportunities to torture the ones who bet the hell out of us when we were in college.
So eagerly waiting for "The Day"!!!!!!!!

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