Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Cricket World Cup!!

There s this thing happening.. "The cricket world cup" the result of which is sleepless nights for many people infected by the world cup fever.
As that of a jet lag, there s also a cric lag due to keeping yourself awake to watch the matches. Some people i know even bunk the second half at office to watch the match on one of the greatest invension of this century, the television.Perhaps for many people, their life is infact goverened by the process of world cup cricket playing.
There was so much preparation for this world cup not only from the players side but also from all the crazy fans. I heard many people saying that they bought set top boxes, new couch etc especially for the purpose of watching world cup cricket matches comfortably in their sweet homes. Few people went few steps ahead and even offered special prayers for our cricket team to bring home the cup of glory. There was also some news that in a temple, there were 11 Ganesh idols being placed offered special prayers, one for each player. There used to be a excited atmosphere even at office especially if India is playing. Even Project Managers do not schedule any important call or meeting in the later part of the day.
Though, people in India did a lot of nice things for the cricketers building in all kinds of faith in them, the moment they find out their hopes are being shattered, they turn out to be so agitated and aggressive. After the first league match, when India lost to Bangladesh, the house of MS Dhoni which is under construction was attacked and destroyed by some frenzied cricket fans. A couple of earlier world cups witnessed a few people blowing down thier TV just because the team did not play well. At this point, I am not trying to be a cynic but then I find these things way too wierd.
There was a lot of expectation on our very own Indian cricket team that they would reach the pinnacle of glory and lift the World Cup. The reason behind which is that they really had a good team. If they played without the kind of complacency they showed, they could really have made it big. Again, I am not saying that this is what it is. Many people have many angles of looking at it and hence have many different opinions too!!!
Now that it is almost evident that India is out of the World cup series, everyone is frustated and dejected. No more excitment on the faces of the cricket lovers here. But then, the die-hard optimists, the feeling is India can still make it to the Super-Eight if the Bangladesh loses to Bermuda which is near to impossible. To the pessimists, it is just that there are no more sleepless nights and no more changes in schedules at work.

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