Sunday, March 04, 2007

So proud of my Alma Mater!!!!!!

The day of Holi, festival of colours - all are drenched in many different colours. But then, we were all coloured yellow. Yes, The Day much awaited for which we had spent four solid years in this remarkably huge, Prestigious Anna University. The four years of hard work (or hardly work for people like me!) fetched that single sheet of document to each of us there!!

It was a massive crowd of 2100 Undergraduates and Post Graduates from the Four Constituent Autonomous Colleges of Anna unniversity - College of Engineering Guindy, A C College of Technology, School of Architecture and Planning, Madras Institute of Technology, who were declared to have completed their respective degree programmes by the Syndicate of Anna University.

The day was marked by the presence of M.K.Stalin as the Cheif Guest and Prof. Namas Chandra, Associate Dean for Research at Univ of Nebraska, U.S as the Guest of Honour. Also the Academic Council consisted of Deans of the constituent colleges and all the Chairpersons of Faculty under various heads. In addition to the Grads and the academic council, there were parents, the press and the media to witness the historic swearing in of Two Thousand and one Hundred Engineers and Technologists produced by this very historic Anna Univ.

The Convocation began with the arrival of the academic council with the 25 th battalion band with bagpipes.

After the Welcome Address and reading out of the Annual Report, The VC declared the Graduation day open. Each of the Chairpersons read out the list of Graduates of the respective faculties. Gold medals were presented to the University Toppers. (Now dont ask me why dint I get one. Its just that I dint want to get it everytime, I believe in letting others have the opportunity once in a while!!)

After the big list of speeches being made, the function came to an end with the National Anthem. At this juncture I would want to share a few things I feel like.
I understood how strong is the genetic inheritance in each person. While Mu Ka Stalin was delivering his Graduation Day address, I could find the very same voice of his father, the CM of Tamil Nadu. It was the same voice, same pitch, same modulation, same choice of words. All through his address, had you not looked at him on the dias, you wil end up thinking that CM himself was speaking. Genetic endowment!!
Dr. Namas Chandra. Wait a minute, there is an interesting reason as to why he is called so. Dr. Namshivayam Chandrasekhar, when moved to Us 25 years ago, the people of U S of the A, chopped his name as Nama, Chan, Shek etc. So Prof. himself decided to rename. So Namashivayam became Namas, Chandrashekar bacame Chandra. Interesting!!
Prof, Namas Chandra has travelled to 30 Developed and developing countries. But then with confidence he says, India has one of the brightest sets of students. Also, there is no country where there is not even one student of Anna University. Yes, he also is a student of Anna University. So proud of his alma mater!!
One more thought provoking point he shared is this. America has been one of the top scientific and economic superpower. 85% to 90% of their economy has come from research and innovation. Most of that comes from scientists and engineers. The entire USA produces only 70,000 engineers every year. Here, India alone produces 3,60,000 engineers. China produces 6,00,000 engineers. Invariably, for every one engineer in USA, there are 14 in engineers in China and India. The difference is not in quantity but in quality. Yes, it indeed is!!
Anyway, we were more excited to see all the old friends, Here are a couple of pictures below with our convocation robe.
With the class gang

Proud to be Engineers and Technologists!! Proud to be a part of Anna University!! Proud of my Alma Mater!!

lunch time fun
the fun car ride - u must watch praveen! lol
The Dhaba


Shiv said...

congrats da...

Its just that I dint want to get it everytime, I believe in letting others have the opportunity once in a while!!)

aaana ithu konjam too much..:P

MK said...

guess you listened to the speech for the first time w/o snoring ...keep it up...thought there might be some thing funny that our great VC mention of such things ...why so..?