Monday, March 26, 2007

I like Christian Weddings!!

Today, had lots of fun at lunch. Raj, a friend of mine describes how Christian weddings take place at the Church.

Here is how it goes:

On the day of the wedding service at church, only the Groom arrives half an hour early with a companion or two, when there will not even be a soul in the church. He has to go near the altar and be seated alone. As time passes by, the people start gathering in the church. In a Church, it is forbidden to turn behind sitting next to the altar. Poor thing he has to sit all alone waiting for his Bride. Bechara Groom!!!

If the Wedding service is at 5.30, the bride arrives at 5.25 with her father and brother on her either sides, holding hands. the moments she steps into the church, there is a standing ovation with a bridal march music on. With 10 people ahead of her and Bridesmaids behind her she walks in with an air of great importance!!

The entire Church, including the groom stands up giving due respect to the bride walking in. Now, can u imagine how the insignificant groom would feel on his own wedding.

As he was explaining, I come up with a most important doubt - Does the Priest say, "You may now kiss the bride?" He looks at me with irritation and says "This is India and also, we are not Anglo-Indians. It happens only in their weddings in India."

Several things like this will happen until the service is over giving a lot of importance to the Bride. After it is over, the Reception takes place where the Bride gets to have a costume change whereas our man, the groom still hangs around with the same old suit. Discrimination there too!!

Also, the bride gets to have the wedding cake first.

Wow. Christian weddings are the best!!


Shiv said... cake..bride first!! Now I want to become a christian!!

arafat said...

is it..lets see on your nikaah.