Thursday, March 08, 2007

Is an independent Woman a threat to a Man?

Today is Internatioanl women's Day!!

Right from the beginning of this week I have been hearing about it. Mnay people were actually making preparations. HR folks sending out mails about the dress code for this day, arranging for Panel Discussions on Women s day and so on at office, BlankNoise planing out initiatives etc all dedicated for women's day. Women Empowerment in place!

Wel in todays world, where women s empowerment is so much spoken about, we find women really empowered in every walk of life. We find women from the bottom up, right from autorickshaw drivers to CEOs of corporates sweeping the limelight. The question is, "Is an independent Woman a threat to a Man?"

The answer undeniably is, Yes. Many a times we find men saying, I want to get married to a gal who will stay home, cook for me and take good care of my kids, professionally successful and they are well-informed, broad-minded men though!

Though we all agree that men have come through the concept of Women liberation, women empowerment and all such things, are they, at this juncture, ready to treat women equally? Or, they still look at women as kitchen machines and child rearing machines?


MK said...

age old sure that this will die out in our country soon...!

athia said...

This is a comment from a friend of mine:

a single independent woman is a danger as she might motivate others to lead a similar life

She may have a number of guy friends and having a ball of a party life....

Which is something a guy would love.. a single indp house ... ppl coming and leaving ... aspirational ....and hence woman getting it is not right

She might be more focussed on career and may do better .. in office.. hence a competition

Man likes to see woman as dependent on him - or other males.. tradition .. mcp ... too many factors : he is uncomfortable when the picture he sees in his mind contrats with what he sees in reality ...... and tries to balance it out by pushing the woman into her traditional role .... men are supposed to be good with money ... esp in business... stocks ... trade et al ... and women are not allowed here.. though women manage household finances better ... some where the equality of opportunity never exists - though the playing field may appear even ....

And man loves a perfectly good looking, smart, intelligent, sexy, elegant, successful woman... who gives it all up to be his wife and stay at home ... look at Hema, Jaya, Kajol et al post marriages ..... and public / relative / peer pressure that a woman's happiness is keeping the family happy.... stereotyping .... and hence any break from standard is unwelcome...

Does this make sense .... ?

Me said...

of course not ji