Friday, March 30, 2007

Am not Humpty Dumpty but had a great fall!!

Today morning, half-sleepy I was, as though I am sleep walking I get off the office bus. The moment I stepped on the second step on the foot board, I triped-off and fell. Thankfully, there were not many people around and I quickly ran to my cube. It dint hurt much initially. Later on, I discovered that I actually did get hurt and my cargoes were torn. Boo Hoo :(

Actually a team-mate of my college senior, with whom I generally have breakfast had seen me falling down. And now as obvious as it can get, the topic of discussion in the breakfast table was not cricket, was not politics, was not any manager-bitching but my great fall. And there people went on building up the story of how I fell off the bus. They made it sound like some dupe performing a stunt for a star in a movie. But then, this sweet senior of mine defends me saying "Now noone is going to tease my junior". That was sweet!!!

It even continued in the lunch saying that I have the habit somnambulating. But that actually is fine as long as I dont trip and fall!!

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Shiv said...

Oh Oh!! But u not laughing..serious..Am not laughing!!