Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sheer Insensitivity

Yesterday, there outrageous protests in West Bengal following the SEZ aquisition of land at Nandigram. The way the police forces were acting to control the mob, it was so horrble to watch it on the television.
There was a lathi-charge, burst of tear gas, round of firing of rubber bullets and finally open-fire. The scene which was captured and telecasted on CNN-IBN showed someone being hit by a bullet. Two women rushed to lift him and move him away from the area. They, in turn were hit mercilessly by the policemen with lathi fro rescueing the protestors. This was too much and very very insane!!!
11 were killed says The Hindu and Indian Express says 12 were killed. There was even a death due to someone carrying a suicide bomb. Some 30 odd injured. People had trenched the roads with the objective of cutting off the roads and to stop the operations at SEZ aquired land.
The police trying to control this kind of mishaps, were supposed to suppress violence, not provoke. What in turn happened was even more violent out-burts.
Sheer insensitivity!!

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